About Us

SILENT TOUCH – apnea4all provides all range of Apnea Academy, Russian Freediving Federation and AIDA courses from beginner to highest levels, offer a freediving equipment from the beginner to the professional level in our E-shops, organizing several freedive trips – safari and evetns per year.

We provides our freediving service in Cyprus in summer season ( from May till November) and in Czech Republic, Cyprus and Russia in winter season.

AIDA, Apnea Academy and Russian Freediving Federation courses – our course’s mission is to provide step by step support to every person interested in discovering the underwater free diving. Starting from the first approach to freediving with the AIDA 1*, AA Indoor Freediver or RFF first wave course (this courses differs from a standard snorkelling course, covering techniques of relaxation and breathing which are now included in the courses of modern freediving), to the highest level of the programme, third level. We want our students, at very stage, to identify one’s limits to dive safely underwater still maintaining the unsurpassed feeling provided by freediving.

Apnea Academy and Russian Freediving Federation are of mutual equivalencies of courses, training levels and certification with International Association of Apnoe Development (AIDA).

Our Team


Instructor Apnea Academy from 2010. Radek taught more than 250 students in throughout the world. Athlete, coache or captain of the Czech team in three World Championships. President of AIDA Czech Republic from 2010 till finish of year 2012.


Freediving Instructor Federation of Russia and the Apnea Academy from 2012, Master of Sports Russian Federation in freediving, DIR F diver, bronze medalist from the World Championships in Greece in 2011 (AIDA) in the category without fins (CNF). Athlete the Russian team in four World Championships.