Our freediving courses in Cyprus

Are you happy being in the water? Do you like snorkeling? Learn how to hold your breath, go a few meters below the surface and enjoy the beauty and silence of the ocean with us!

This is your chance to experience something new and discover what freediving is all about.


Freediving is really an ancient sport. Every child spends the first 9 months of his or her life in the liquid which is similar to sea water. Holding breath for several seconds when submerged to water is a common ability of any newborn child. It seems that we lose this skill when we start to walk. Awakening of long ago forgotten reflex is the most important part of freediving lectures. It makes free-diving either to depths or in the swimming pool possible. The word apnoe has its origin in the Greek word “apnoa” and literally it means “breathless”. Connection of this word with water doesn’t come from original but became the synonym for freediving in a modern sport terminology. It means single in-breath diving without using the scuba or any other equipment allowing the breathing in the water.



Silent Touch – apnea4all offers two systems of teaching – Apnea Academy and Russian Freediving Federation. We are three instructors capable of giving lectures in four languages – Czech, English, Greek and Russian. Personal trainings in freediving and own educational programs of freediving are obvious. Base involves a rental of equipment, weight, buoyes and ropes. Here is several training localities depending of the freediver’s skills and experiences. More details in our price list.

We have school locality of 12 meters of depth prepared for beginners and Level 1 students just in front of the hotel. 40 meters locality is 10 minutes by car. We provides the transfer and it is already included in the price of course or training. 40 and more metres locality is accessible by zodiac (5 minutes) from the hotel beach. All the courses and training programs contain the services of an instructor, preparation of the locality (buoyes, ropes, weight and transport) and videocoaching etc.
Our clients are allowed to use the full spectre of the hotel service – hotel swimming pools, hotel restaurants, showers, toilets, free wifi etc. It is normally for hotel guests only but this is one of partnership advantages.

Cavo Maris Beach Hotel


Hotel Cavo Maris Beach is situated on the beach of Protaras in a palm garden. It offers two tennis courts, beach bar and a breakfast buffet. Hotel rooms show nice views at Mediterranean, swimming pool and mountains. One can find a satellite TV and a radio, a seating place and a desk in each of them.
Mediterranean cuisine is served in the Alkion Restaurant on a sea view terrace.
Cocktails of the Coral bar could be tempting as well as the snacks and drinks of the Sirena Pool Bar. Tennis, pool and beach voleybal are here for guests. There is also a pool and a club for children at a disposal of younger guests. Shops, bars and restaurants are about 100 meters distant from hotel. Bus stop to the Protaras town centre and Agia Napa is 3 minutes of walk. Privat parking free for guests and client of the hotel is here too.


Protaras is well known for its beautiful beaches. It is a paradise of watersports – windsurfing and diving first among them, having a crystal clear water. One of the most beautiful beaches – Fig Tree Bay –is the pride of Protaras. Protaras can offer various shops, restaurants, bars and discos. In the outskirts there is a hill with Avios Ilas Church on the top and a beautiful see-view and town-view.


For next information contact Radek or Irina on +357 967 64 469 or info@apnea4all.com

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